WHO Safe Surgery Saves Lives Initiative

The WHO Safe Surgery Saves Lives initiative began in September 2006 and, to date, has seen more than 300 national and international medical organizations and societies working together to reduce avoidable deaths and complications in surgical care. One of the initiatives involves the use of a Surgical Safety Checklist.

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute has recently sponsored work necessary to adapt the Checklist along with other tools and resources for the Canadian context. ORNAC is one of several key stakeholders working to take this initiative forward and welcomes the opportunity to advocate a culture of safety which includes the entire surgical team. For more details on this most important initiative, please refer to the following briefing paper from CPSI: Safe Surgery Saves Lives

Patient Safety Information

Canadian Patient Safety Institute

An independent not-for-profit corporation, CPSI functions at arm's length from governments, system stakeholders and regulatory bodies. CPSI performs a coordinating and leadership role across sectors and systems, promotes effective strategies and leading practices to improve patient safety, and raises awareness with stakeholders, patients and the general public about patient safety. ORNAC sits as a voting member of this institute. ORNAC covers the expenses of the representative. To learn more about the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, visit their web site:

Safer Healthcare Now!

Safer Healthcare Now is a grassroots campaign to enlist Canadian healthcare organizations in implementing six targeted interventions in patient care. Learn more about their six interventions for reducing mortality and morbidity. ORNAC is a partner with Safer Healthcare Now. To learn more about Safer Healthcare Now, visit their web site:

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada is an independent Canadian non-profit agency established for the collection and analysis of medication error reports and the development of recommendations for the enhancement of patient safety. Like its sister organization, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices in the US, ISMP Canada intends to serve as a national resource for promoting safe medication practices throughout the health care community in Canada. To learn more about The Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada, visit their web site: