ORNAC English 170426 Final for Gilmour cover 400x471It is the mandate of the Standards Committee to develop and review standards on an ongoing basis. Content expertise has been provided by perioperative Registered Nurses across Canada and reflects current practice, research, and review of medical/surgical/nursing literature.

The Standards Committee has endeavoured to develop a “user friendly” document that will serve as a guide and reference for perioperative Registered Nurses, health care facilities providing care to surgical patient, and other professionals associations. The volunteer members of the Standards Committee review/revise modules on a continuous basis within a two year timeframe for availability in conjunction with the biennial conferences. The Standards are made available in both English and French. Starting in 2015 a process for validation of the Standards will commence creating a more robust, evidence based document.


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Historical Development

2017 ORNAC Standards for Perioperative Registered Nursing Practice 13th Edition – April 2017 (English & French Versions)
2015 ORNAC Standards for Perioperative Registered Nursing Practice 12th Edition – April 2015 (English & French Versions)
2013 ORNAC Standards for Perioperative Registered Nursing Practice 11th Edition – April 2013 (English & French Versions)
30th anniversary edition with a special commemorative cover.
2003 Recommended Standards, Guidelines and Position Statements for Perioperative Nursing Practice
Revision incorporated a major format change. This edition has been re-designed into modules.
The constant rapid change in healthcare requires a design that enables more consistent review/revision.
1998 Recommended Standards for Perioperative Nursing Practice
1998 edition reflected the movement towards ambulatory surgery.
1993 Recommended Standards for Perioperative Nursing Practice
The two documents were combined in a single issue and also included a chapter on competencies. That issue was used as a primary resource for the development of the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) Certification exam in Perioperative Nursing Practice.
1988 Recommended Technical Standards were published.
This was a significant milestone for a young organization. The body of knowledge required in the specialty was defined as required by the Canadian Nurses Association to meet the requirements of a certification process.
1986 Recommended Standards for Operating Room Nursing Practice
First Edition for ORNAC!
1983 ORNAC inaugurated

Association des infirmières et infirmiers de salles d’opération du Canada (AIISOC)

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