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ORNAC offers four very prestigious awards to recognize excellence amongst our perioperative colleagues. If you practice alongside a nurse you feel is deserving of such an award, visit our Awards page for information and nomination forms. These awards are to be presented at the National Conference in Quebec City. The deadline for candidate submissions has been extended to March 1, 2023.
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ORNAC wishes to express our condolences to the family of Lynn Anderson,

Lynn was a former Provincial President- Newfoundland and Labrador (1998-2002) and ORNAC Secretary (2002-2005)

Lynn passed away on Tuesday January 10th, 2023. To read her obituary please click here




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Please forward any additional comments or concerns to the attention of the Standards Committee.

12TH EDITION, ORNAC Standards Corrections

September 3, 2015
  • Section 3; Sponges-3.2.51, pg. 191
  • Section 3; Sharps-3.2.61, pg. 193

To all ORNAC Members:

We would like to bring to your attention some issues that have been identified in Section 3 of the ORNAC Standards for Perioperative Registered Nursing Practice, 12th Edition, May 2015.

The standard that speaks to the double counting of sponges during the initial count was removed. This was an error, it was included in the draft document but was somehow removed during the final review and printing process.

The second error was in the standard related to the counting of needles. The standard is written to open the packages immediately during the initial count, however, the references cited state the opposite, the package should not be opened during initial count but only when ready to use.

We are concerned, and are in the process of rectifying these errors. The standards of concern will be identified by section, number, and page number showing the current published item and the corrected changes. These will be sent out to all ORNAC members via notification on the ORNAC website, our Facebook page and our Twitter account; through this membership eblast; notification to the Provincial Council Directors; the Pillar Chairs; and the PNEC group. We will try to obtain a list of individuals from CSA who may have purchased the Standards independently and include them in the emailings.

We are confident that the rest of the document is correct and want to assure you that the above mentioned issues are being dealt with. We thank the 2015-2017 Standards Committee who brought these issues to our attention. We also appreciate the input of the educator group training new perioperative nurses and the frontline perioperative nurses who use these standards in their day to day work.

With best regards,

Cathleen Ferguson, RN, BScN, RNFA, CPN (C), CNOR
ORNAC President


Ask a Question or Submit a Suggestion

Perioperative nurses are determined to make things better for our patients. You can achieve your goal in so many ways. Be a part of the process!

Do you have a question for the Standards Committee? Perhaps a suggestion for future Standards? Please complete the form below:

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“A standard is a desired and achievable level of performance against which we can measure actual performance. Self regulating professions are characterized by standards of practice, based on the values of the profession.” – Canadian Nurses Association

National Standards for Perioperative Registered Nursing Practice

ORNAC holds the following beliefs regarding standards:

  • The implementation of standards contributes to the continued improvement of safe patient care and perioperative registered nursing practice in Canada.
  • Standards assist the perioperative Registered Nurse in attaining and maintaining competence in the performance of quality patient care.
  • Standards define safety measures for patients and the health care team.
  • Standards provide a baseline and tool for measurement when evaluating perioperative registered nursing practice.
  • Standards are an integral part of a facility's quality assurance and improvement program.
  • Standards provide a consistent reference base for programs such as orientation, in-service, continuing education, research, and formal perioperative post basic education programs.
  • Standards are the benchmark from which the perioperative Registered Nurse Manager and Educator provide the structure, resources, and environment for the health care team.

Conceptual Model for Perioperative Registered Nursing Practice

Conceptual ModelThe conceptual model provides direction for perioperative Registered Nursing practice. The surgical patient is the focus of perioperative Registered Nursing practice, which has as its' foundation professional and clinical standards, and competencies. The professional standards provide guidelines for the perioperative Registered Nurse on which to base decisions in such areas as ethics, legal aspects, and professional conduct. The competency statements reaffirm that perioperative Registered Nurses are responsible and accountable for the nursing care of the surgical patient during the perioperative phase.

In order to implement the standards and develop competence, the perioperative registered nurse shall be cognizant of the qualities necessary to become a Registered Nurse. Competence integrates the characteristics of knowledge, clinical and ethical decision-making, communication skills, psychomotor skills, safety, accountability, responsibility, team organization, continuing education, and leadership skills.

The perioperative Registered Nurse is guided in the clinical area by these characteristics in order to function both independently and in collaboration with other members of the health care team. The clinical standards provide a basis for consistent, uniform, and acceptable outcomes of nursing practice. The perioperative Registered Nurse is systematically guided through the perioperative phase. The clinical standards are the benchmarks for quality improvement. The standards are implemented during the immediate preoperative, intraoperative, and immediate postoperative phases of the surgical patient's experience. Administration and management provide support, direction, leadership, resources, and commitment to the practice of these standards.

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The primary objective of the Operating Room Nurses Association of Canada is to "...promote high standards of operating room nursing practice in order to promote quality nursing care in Canada " (Article 2.03. (i) Bylaws). The present document, which presents recommended standards for perioperative nursing, represents the Association's response to this objective and reflects ORNAC's motto - "Promoting Excellence." The document details three sets of recommendations; those relating to Professional Standards, to Competencies, and to Clinical Practice Statements.

ORNAC endorses initiatives for “Safer Healthcare Now” as well as CSA Standards on multiple subjects such as perioperative safety, sterilization and health care facilities.This semi-annual compendium was developed and reviewed by perioperative registered nurses across Canada and reflects current practice, research, and review of medical/surgical/nursing literature. ORNAC Standards, Guidelines, and Position Statements for Registered Nurses, 15th edition – 2021 serves as a guide and reference for perioperative Registered Nurses, health care facilities providing care to surgical patients, and other professional associations. The volunteer members of the ORNAC Standards Committee review/revise modules on a continuous basis within a two year timeframe. The Standards are available in both English and French. 

Thank you to the committee members who worked diligently on the 15th edition of the Standards.

  • Sylvie Beauregard RN, BScN - PQ(Co Chair)
  • Toni Carriero RN, BScN, MN,  - QC (Co Chair)
  • Heather Martin RN, BScN, CPN (C) - BC
  • Kat Yemenidijian RN, BScN- QC
  • Jaswant Birk RN, BScN, CPN(C) - BC
  • Erin Robertson RN, BScN, MN, CPN(C) - ON 
  • Vanja Ryan RN, BScN, MN - BC
  • Julie Maranda RN, BScN, MN-QC
  • Joanne Clark RN, BScN, CPN(C) - BC
  • John Gregory, ORNAC Standards Coordinator


  • Fully reviewed all sections
  • Reviewed, revised and expanded Section 2
  • Reviewed, revised and expanded Section 5
  • New content added:
    • Epidemic and Pandemic Planning
  • Updates to Section 0, New Mission, Vision and Core Values, Decision making Hierarchy, Position Statement
  • Expert reviewers
    • Infection Control Practitioners (ICP)-CJD, Routine & Transmission Based Precautions, Cleaning
  • Levels of Evidence (LOE) included for all references
  • American Psychological Association (APA) 7th edition referencing

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Historical Development


ORNAC Standards, Guidelines and Position Statements for Perioperative Registered Nurses 15th Edition- May 2021 (English and French Versions)

Includes new in Section 5 Pandemic Planning


ORNAC Standards, Guidelines and Position Statements for Perioperative Registered Nurses 14th Edition- October 2019 (English) January 2020 (French)

2017 ORNAC Standards, Guidelines and Position Statements for Perioperative Registered Nurses 13th Edition – April 2017 (English & French Versions)
2015 ORNAC Standards for Perioperative Registered Nursing Practice 12th Edition – April 2015 (English & French Versions)
2013 ORNAC Standards for Perioperative Registered Nursing Practice 11th Edition – April 2013 (English & French Versions)
30th anniversary edition with a special commemorative cover.
2003 Recommended Standards, Guidelines and Position Statements for Perioperative Nursing Practice
Revision incorporated a major format change. This edition has been re-designed into modules.
The constant rapid change in healthcare requires a design that enables more consistent review/revision.
1998 Recommended Standards for Perioperative Nursing Practice
1998 edition reflected the movement towards ambulatory surgery.
1993 Recommended Standards for Perioperative Nursing Practice
The two documents were combined in a single issue and also included a chapter on competencies. That issue was used as a primary resource for the development of the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) Certification exam in Perioperative Nursing Practice.
1988 Recommended Technical Standards were published.
This was a significant milestone for a young organization. The body of knowledge required in the specialty was defined as required by the Canadian Nurses Association to meet the requirements of a certification process.
1986 Recommended Standards for Operating Room Nursing Practice
First Edition for ORNAC!
1983 ORNAC inaugurated

Association des infirmières et infirmiers de salles d’opération du Canada (AIISOC)


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